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Certificate of Excellence 2018
2015-05-25  16:40:42  
Congratulations to Gravity Assisted Mountain Biking!
TripAdvisor is delighted to award Gravity Assisted Mountain Biking the 2018 Certificate of Excellence. This achievement is a direct result of your consistently great reviews from TripAdvisor travelers.

TripAdvisor Gravity Bolivia

Great work: You've earned a Bravo Badge
2015-04-13  12:21:08  
Gravity Assisted Mountain Biking is getting glowing reviews on TripAdvisor. 5 of 5 stars 1868 Reviews. #1 of 72 Outdoor Activities in La Paz. Certificate of Excellence.

10 Best Cities in the World for Mountain Biking.
2014-05-28  14:04:28  
La Paz
Combining a city break with epic riding, what could be better?
Set in an extinct volcanic high in The Andes, La Paz is the world’s highest capital city. The air up here is thin, so thin in fact that the city only has a single fire engine as there is simply not enough oxygen to keep a fire burning.
See more: MPORA.COM

Chile & Bolivia High Altitude Cycling Tour
2014-03-20  15:42:43  
Great highs and great contrasts await in the Andes of Chile and Bolivia, from deserts to vibrant cities, hard climbs to possibly the world's longest downhill.
Explore Arica, La Paz, and Copacabana, and remote colonial towns. Camp in a desert under a thousand stars, and in fields near grazing llamas. Stay on the Island of the Sun, a land of Incan legend, in Lake Titicaca. All the while, enjoy rugged and varied trails.
You'll also enjoy what may be the world's longest 1-day bike descent (4400 m), from snow capped peaks to the Amazon jungle.
Read More:
Global Adventure Guide.

Le Clan V - el camino de la muerte
2014-02-26  11:13:16  
Christian du Clan V risque sa vie pour vous et emprunte la route de la mort en Bolivie à vélo! Cette route est certainement la plus belle au monde mais aussi la plus dangeureuse! By Christian Desjardins

La Paz to Lima: Inca culture, adrenalin thrills and dressing up as Spider-Man
2014-01-16  14:52:35  
22nd Oct 2013 1:21am | By Andrew Westbrook
Peace out I’m starting my trip, however, with the city’s two main adrenalin challenges – one old, one new. Up first is one of the planet’s most famous backpacking experiences – cycling down the world’s most dangerous road. Given that label by the Inter-American Development Bank in 1995, due to the horrific number of fatal accidents, this stretch of the La Paz to Coroico road is thankfully not what it once was, due to a recent highway taking much of the traffic elsewhere, but it still makes for a white knuckle ride. Starting at a shivery altitude of 4,700m, we bump and slide down the mainly gravel road, dropping almost 3,600m in the space of a few hours, desperately avoiding the sheer barrier-less drops, hoping there’s no oncoming traffic on the blind corners, averting our eyes when passing the numerous crosses and above all, trying to remember the wise words of our guide, “Just try not to ride like a wanker.” Fortunately, we’re wanker-free and succeed, reaching the bottom elated, exhausted and totally unprepared for the even scarier bit – driving back up the mountain to La Paz in the dark. Next is an altogether different challenge. I’m to dress up as Spider-Man and jump out of a 17th floor window. Yes, you read that right. One of the newest and most amusing thrills on offer in Latin America is Urban Rush, which involves donning a superhero outfit before stepping, face first, out of a central La Paz building, 50m above the ground, for an abseiling/freefalling combo, all while some very bemused Bolivians look up from below. Equal measures terrifying and hilarious, I’m relieved it’s only the views that are to die for. Read more: http://www.tntmagazine.com/travel/big-trip/la-paz-to-lima-inca-culture-adrenalin-thrills-and-dressing-up-as-spider-man

Ride and River Trip
2013-10-29  17:55:05  
¡¡¡We have a trip confirmed for Monday November the 11th so book soon to secure your spot!!!!

Weekly departures every monday. 2 days riding, dropping over 4,000m in 110 kms on a 4x4 "two track" road 3 days down the river in a motorized dugout canoe. About 12 hours total in the boat, we do lot's of side hikes along the way to make this a full on jungle tour. 3 days down the river in a motorized dugout canoe. About 12 hours total in the boat, we do lot's of side hikes along the way to make this a full on jungle tour. Our cook makes some good food (vegetarian options for all meals) and we provide the gear for two nights camping along the river. We spend the last night in Madidi National Park.
More Info: 772 19634
Andean Epics Co.

Tripadvisor Excellence Award
2013-05-27  10:44:25  
We got an excellence award on Tripadvisor. Meaning we are among the top 10 listed things on tripadvisor in the world. Please give us your REVIEW ON trpadvisor!!! http://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g294072-d1022884-Reviews-Gravity_Assisted_Mountain_Biking-La_Paz_La_Paz_Department.html

La Senda Verde News
2012-08-23  08:27:52  
A local article on the amazing La Senda Verde! We are the only company to end the ride at this incredible animal refuge! Yet another reason you should Accept No Shabby Imitations!
La Razon

Latest Gravity Fame
2012-08-16  09:12:00  
Cindy wrote a great article about biking with Gravity which was published in mtbr.com our favorite part ... Walk around Bolivia’s urban capital La Paz and you will be bombarded with different knock off companies doing the Death Road ride for a lot cheaper. I met quite a few tourists that had horror stories of having to use their foot on the tire to brake, bikes literally falling apart, and constant flats. If you ever find yourself in Bolivia make sure you go with Gravity Assisted Mountain Biking, it is worth the few extra bolivianos! We couldn't have said it better ourselve

Check out the full article in the Gravity Fame section of the website

Gravity now offers Full Face Helmets and knee pads for no additional charge!
2011-12-23  12:56:03  

Gravity now offers Full Face Helmets and knee pads for no additional charge!

Gravity is now giving with every trip full face helmets from Kali and knee pads from Race Face. (see the attachment for a picture of these great offerings). Our Brand New Full Face Helmets are designed using the latest helmet technology in the US. These helmets are lightweight and breathable, to keep you comfortable throughout the long day, and they exceed the most demanding safety standards for Bike Helmets so you know they´ll keep you safe! The new Race Face knee pads, feature a low profile, hard shell design with triple foam padding on the side walls for the ultimate in protection. They are built with a special Neoprene fabric for enhanced ventilation and moisture control and are designed to stay put on your knee and be worn comfortably the whole day by one of the Mountain Bike Industries most well known and trusted companies- Race Face.

While a client must always wear a helmet, the full face helmets we offer are optional. We will take with us both the Full Face and the normal Dirt Jump helmets on every trip for every client. We think that experienced riders will find the full face helmets and the pads unnecessary but we wanted to offer this extra protection for nervous or inexperienced clients who would feel more comfortable using them.

This is just another reason to choose to ride with Gravity!

Gravity Guides Love to Ride!
2011-09-19  10:19:50  

This is what Gravity Guides do when they´re not guiding! Leith and John rip up Purra Purra trail in La Paz! These guys take you down the World´s Most Dangerous Road, or any of our other rides and we do it because we love to be out there on our bikes! Enjoy the video!

2011-06-30  11:53:45  
We could ride this trail in one (long) day, but the video shooting takes lots of time, so our guide Alistair organized some porters that brought our sleeping bags, tents and some food to a camping site at 2000 m. altitude. The air is full of oxygen down here, our bodies get back into life and we are full of energy. So what about finding some beer? Rene and I decide to go to the next camping site, where there is a kind of bar with beer. It's a one hour walk from where we sleep, but we manage to get back with 5 liters of beer in 90 minutes. Yeah! And we find also a new way to open the bottles, watch the video to see how you have bought a bottle opener together with your bike - and you probably don't even know it.

Visit The Pros Ride

The Cactus Trails
2011-06-30  10:06:41  
If I'd have to escape from the real world and hide myself somewhere I'd go to Urmiri. No electricity, no phone, just big mountains, long trails, lots of cactus and a hot spring with an old hotel where close to your bed you find a candle and some matches, just in case you want to go to the toilet during the night. Well, that was Urmiri two years ago, when I went there for the first time. Now the progress arrived even to that part of the world and you can get some mobile phone network if you climb on the top of the waterfalls where the hot water flows down.

Visit The Pros Ride

2011-06-17  13:33:54  
Check out where we took the pros! If you're interested in riding these epic trails, Contact us to build your dream riding vacation! Epic, once in a lifetime riding with one of the most professional guiding companies in the world! What more could you ask for.... If these pictures don't make you want to jump on your bike...nothing will! Contact us now and we´ll see you down here real soon!

Visit The Pros Ride

New Kona Minxys!!!
2011-03-25  09:13:22  
Gravity Introduces the newest addition to their fleet of hundred´s of great Kona bikes! Minxys!!!!

The only women specific bikes available in Bolivia, these bikes are perfect for the type of riding we do on a daily basis. From the World´s Most Dangerous Road to all the great single-track on offer, these bikes can handle it all! And with Geometry specifically tailored to a woman´s body, these bikes make our rides even more comfortable for the 1,000s of females that ride with us. As the video says, all our bikes are under 2 years old and are maintained after every ride by our full time mechanics, in Latin America´s biggest bike workshop! And as we all know, on The World´s Most Dangerous Road, your bike is the last thing you want to have to worry about! Accept No Shabby Imitations! www.gravityboliva.com

*Music by: Kennedy - Ratatat

Going Down´s Never Been Better!
2011-03-16  09:05:03  
Rainy Season is over and we are seeing some beatiful weather on "Death Road!" Come experience the Yungas Valley or any of our other fantastic rides with THE BEST! Going Down´s Never Been Better!

2011-02-03  13:39:26  
Win Gravity Schwag and world wide fame: Weekly Winners, Monthly Winners and First, Second and Third place all win prizes.
How to Enter:
- Upload your GRAVITY FACE to our ww.facebook.com/ "Gravity Assisted Mountain Biking" and tag yourself.
- And/or Get your GRAVITY guide to take a photo of your face on your GRAVITY ride and make sure we have your facebook email address.
Photos of your face while mountain biking with GRAVITYBOLIVIA or GRAVITYPERU and/or photos of your face while you are wearing your Gravity T-shirt or Gravity Buff having fun whether at a bar, biking, on another adventure, or traveling.
Fine Print
Entering the competition means you agree to us using the photo for promotional purposes. We will make every effort to contact entrants whose photos win, but cannot guarantee we will be successful, so keep an eye on our facebook for news about this competition.

World´s Most Dangerous Bicycle Climb - Gravity Guides Pedal to Help Youth in the Yungas - SEE WHAT YOU CAN DO TO SHARE THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT TOO!
2010-12-07  12:22:16  
Gravity guides are planning to pedal UP the WMDR on Christmas day to raise money for children in the Yungas valley! Support them by donating to the cause here! It´s a gruelling ride, starting at 1,100 m ascending 64 km to 4,780 m! But our thinking is, our pain...their gain! Every little bit goes a long way! Thanks so much for your help!

More Gravity Fame
2010-11-10  09:30:36  
Gravity is yet again, the only company "recommended" for bike tours on the World´s Most Dangerous Road in the new Footprint South American Handbook 2011. The 2011 Footprint Bolivia Handbook seconds that opinion by calling Gravity, "Highly Professional and Recommended." and says of the WMDR, "The legendary route is spectacular. It lives up to its reputation for danger, so make sure you sign up with a reputable operator...it´s obviosly worth picking a good tour company from among the 30 or so that offer the trip."

Chacaltaya - Zongo
2010-10-18  10:14:51  
The Blockade on the Death Road to Coroico is currently solved, as such our WMDR rides are back on. However, if you are interested in experiencing a ride other than the WMDR ... check out this great ride, Chacaltaya - Zongo! Bigger is Better! Start way up in the mountains at 5335m and drop a massive 4300m in total. Wind your way on dirt roads with tonnes of fun switchbacks to the heart of the Jungle! The best way to see Bolivia´s beautiful and diverse back country while riding the best damn bikes in South America.

New Exciting COMBO DEAL available
2010-07-10  19:33:37  
Contact us by email or pop in to our office to ask about special deals on riding the World's Most Dangerous Road AND immediately afterwards riding the brand new 1555m long Zipline called "Zip the Flying Fox" located at the end of the ride. Check out www.ziplinebolivia.com for more information about this exciting activity and don't miss out!

2010 Season News and Update
2010-03-17  14:36:09  
Welcome to 2010, Gravity is proud to announce that it is supporting recent initiatives by ABATUR to increase tax compliance and safety by companies operating on the World's Most Dangerous Road. These initiatives mean that from the 15th of March ALL RIDERS on the WMDR should receive a tax receipt to show that their ride price fully complies with Bolivian tax regulations. Gravity firmly believes that this is a huge step in the right direction for operators on this road. Please demand your tax receipt and support this initiative.

Work for Gravity
2009-12-12  13:27:55  
We have a variety of positions open for the 2010 season, contact us if you are interested in being a guide, front office sales, trainee manager, intern, or think you would like to get involved some other way. Email us telling us a bit about yourself to jobs@gravitybolivia.com - For a bit of inspiration check out the article on page 31 of this: http://www.imbikemag.com/issue5/ for a bit of an idea of what it is like to work out here.

Celebrate our new website
2009-11-02  12:25:47  
BREAKING NEWS. Gravity Bolivia offers an unheard of special deal for rides for the rest of 2009. Don't miss out on the Triple Treat deal of a life-time: a FREE SPECIAL EDITION Patented Swine Flu Protective Device (also known as the US$22 GRAVITY BUFF*) for every rider doing The World’s Most Dangerous Road with Gravity for the rest of the year; PLUS, Book online and NO CREDIT CARD FEES are charged (normally around 5%); PLUS, Book AND PAY ONLINE more than 48 hours before the date of your ride and we will include the famous Gravity Photo and Video Cd for FREE (a US$6 value).

New Sexy Gravity Web Site
2009-10-05  10:09:50  
Check us out, don't we look sexy! Now just to get the details working well.


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