Jungle Rail Trail

Exotic Jungle Adventure

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Exotic Jungle Adventure

This trail, sculpted out of the walls of the Andes was built for a railway that was never completed. As such it’s perfect for someone looking for an incredible XC (cross country) adventure where few have gone before. And we mean very few. On some rides we have seen animals thought to have left the area. Starting in a cloud forest we make our way down to the high jungle following a lush mountain ridge towards the small town of Coroico Viejo in the Yungas Valley. Take breaks to catch your breath only to have it taken again by the stunning views.

• Ride through a cloud forest.
• Get well off the beaten path on this biking adventure.
• Rewarding Cross Country trail with just the right mix of pedaling and flowy downhill.

Riders looking to get off-the-beaten-track and push themselves both physically and technically during this great XC biking adventure.

What awaits you today is an exotic and challenging mountain bike adventure through thick jungle along a railway line blasted into a cliff face 500+ meters above the valley floor.
In several places the jungle is winning the battle against the trail, and you will have to climb over landslides and around tree falls. Wildlife has been spotted on this trail, including a pair of Puma cubs. The trail is less technical than our singletrack rides but much more physically challenging.
At the end of the ride we will visit La Senda Verde, an animal refuge and eco-lodge, where we will enjoy a hearty meal that is sure to replenish, and enjoy a beer to unwind before heading back to La Paz.