Evolution In Mountain Biking

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The prices are based on total group size If more people join on the day of your ride, we will refund you the difference.

2 Riders

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3 Riders

1 $
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4+ Riders

1 $
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Evolution In Mountain Biking

Want to try the evolution in Mountain Biking? Something your friends have never heard of? Be one of the first to experience Scree! This ride will leave you speechless and crying for more.

• Like skiing/snowboarding fresh powder but with a bike on massive slick scree slopes.
• One of the best and most unique experiences on a mountain bike you are likely to ever have.
• High altitude fun you can only ride on here.
• Enhance your riding

Riders who want to try and can handle a totally different style of mountain biking.

We will meet up at the Gravity workshop in La Paz at 8:30am and head up to La Cumbre, at over 4,700m of altitude. Want to drift both wheels? Go for it. Want to hit the natural jumps? We will show you how. Gravity’s expert guides will take you through this truly unique experience. Once at the top the scree field it is your playground.

This is the definition of free riding. We will point you in the right direction and you choose your own adventure to get there. After the first run you will be foaming at the mouth for more. No worries! With a smile plastered to your face, we jump in the jeep and head back up for as many runs as we can get in before the llamas come home.