Yungas Loop

3-4 Days In The High Jungle

3-4 Days In The High Jungle

This ride is where Gravity started in 1998. And all those years of experience guarantee that your ride with us will be one you’ll be bragging about for years!

• Ride an abandoned train line through remote cloud forest.
• One night’s stay at La Senda Verde Animal Refuge included.
• Visit small agrarian communities in the high Amazon Basin.
• End the adventure with a ride up to a haunted castle in the middle of the Yungas Region!

This ride is suitable for fit riders with an adventurous spirit.

Day 1: Jungle Rail Trail
Today we will meet up early in the morning for a short drive through the city to our starting point. What awaits you today is an exotic and challenging mountain bike adventure through thick jungle along an abandonded railway line blasted into a cliff face 500+ meters above the valley floor.
In several places the jungle is winning the battle against the trail and you will have to climb over landslides and around tree falls. Wildlife has been spotted on this trail, including a pair of puma cubs. The trail is less technical than our Secret Single Track rides but much more physically challenging.
At the end of the day we will stay at La Senda Verde, an animal refuge and eco-lodge, where we will enjoy a hearty meal that is sure to replenish the energies lost during our day of riding and a beer to unwind before heading off to bed.

Day 2: Ride to Chulumani
We will wake up bright and early and enjoy our breakfast at La Senda Verde. Then, we will ride over to Chulumani, the capital of the Sud Yungas region in Bolivia, where agriculture dominates the area with the production of bananas, coffee, and coca leaves.
After our amazing day of riding, we end the day in Hotel San Bartolome, a beautiful lodging with a jacuzzi, a bar/restaurant, and comfortable rooms complete with balcony and cable TV.

Day 3: Ghost Ride
After breakfast, we begin our day with a long, gradual climb from Chulumani to the castle in the South Yungas region called El Castillo del Loro. Today’s ride will be a take on our Ghost Ride, and it will consist of about 5-6 hours’ worth of climbing.
You will stop several times, taking photos, and taking in the views of the valley and waterfalls! And then… at long last: Your first view of The Castle!
It’s a bit of an odd sight, seeing a castle such as this, perched there on the edge of the cloud forest jungle. Take in a bit of the haunted history as you enjoy cold drinks and a picnic lunch before we drive back to La Paz.

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