Death Road

The World’s Most Dangerous Road

Death Road

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The Refuge
Senda Verde

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The World-Famous “Death Road”

This ride is where Gravity started in 1998. And all those years of experience guarantee that your ride on Death Road with us will be one you’ll be bragging about for years and one most of our riders say was the best experience of their trip in South America.

Our highly trained English speaking guides and mechanics will give you all the helpful information to get you down safely, comfortably and with an amazing time.

Quite deservedly, this world-famous mountain bike ride is our most popular. Gravity has been featured guiding and riding Death Road in more than 60 magazine and newspaper articles, as well as 10 television shows and on the lips and blogs of almost every backpacker and adventure traveler in South America.

The dramatic and scenic “World´s Most Dangerous Road,” dubbed as such by the Inter-American Development Bank in 1995, and locally known as “The Death Road”, “Camino de la muerte” or “Yungas Road” is a must-do adventure activity in South America!  

This amazing ride must be done with the utmost safety and security, which is why we have been working hard for over 20 years to ensure our trip is not only fun but as safe as possible.  And the cherry on the cake is we finish the ride at La Senda Verde Animal Refuge!

• Ride the world-famous Death Road (World’s Most Dangerous Road)!
• Incredible scenic variety and a spectacular loss of altitude of more than 3,600m/11,800 ft, from snow-covered high altitude mountain ranges down to the steaming Amazonian Jungle.
• 64kms (40 miles) of downhill riding with only a few small uphills and a couple of flat bits!
• After the ride relax at La Senda Verde Animal Refuge, featuring rescued monkeys, parrots, and much more.
• Company with the best safety record in Bolivia.
• Ride the best bikes in Bolivia

Beginners to experts, average fitness and above, and in particular, those looking for a long, world-class, downhill mountain bike ride. A must do for any holiday in South America.

We drive up from La Paz, Bolivia en route to the Yungas valleys. We begin biking at wind-swept La Cumbre at 4,700m/15,400 ft of altitude. At this altitude you’ll get fantastic views of a number of snow-covered peaks, including Huayna Potosí (6,088m/19,973 ft). From here we descend rapidly down a twisting, asphalted road among mountain peaks, grazing llamas and alpacas, tiny villages and a drug check-post (?!). We stop for refreshments, photos, and rests along the way — all the better to give us time to take in the scenery: towering cliff faces, dramatic drops and ever greener vegetation… while preparing ourselves for the next breath-taking section.

After a snack we ride on, descending in altitude even further, and after a brief undulating section of road we enter the jungle itself and the most challenging part of the ride. This infamous narrow dirt road known as Death Road, is cut precariously into the side of the mountain and descends 2,000m (6,500 ft) in altitude. With 1,000m+ (3,300 ft) of vertigo enducing sheer drops off to our left and hulking rock overhangs and cascading waterfalls to our right, we ride on, through mist, low cloud and dust. There is no downhill ride like this in the world!

As we near the end of the ride it gets progressively hotter and dustier. By the time you arrive at the bottom of Death Road in Yolosa (near Coroico) at an altitude of 1,200m/3,600 ft., you will be hot, dirty and exhilarated; having conquered the extreme Death Road (camino de la muerte) with no fear. Just below the village of Yolosa we head to La Senda Verde Animal Refuge, where we enjoy a late pasta and salad buffet lunch and take in the magnificent scenery and animals of the Yungas.

Many of our happy riders have said that this ride on Death Road with Gravity Bolivia is the best experience of their trip, not only in Bolivia, but in all of South America. Dropping over 3500m of altitude this adventure will be one of the best of your holidays! Book your spot on Death Road now!

Our deadline for the next day reservation is 9pm(Bolivian Time), you are welcome to contact +591 772 08356 or, to verify that we still have spots left on our tours.