Bolivia: the world's most incredible culture

Bolivia is the most culturally rich and vibrantly authentic desitination in South America.  Discover Bolivia’s living cultural heritage built from one of the oldest societies in the world. Bolivian’s very proudly still practice their rich cultural heritage, one full of colors, legends, customs, flavors, music and magic…tons of magic!  Get to know the real Bolivia and her incredible people!

Explore one of the wonder cities of the world with a private local guide! La Paz is one of the world’s most unique cities who’s secret gems you simply won’t find nor understand without the help of a local English Speaking guide. The amazing Red Cap guides will take you on an adventure through La Paz’s bustling streets, colorful markets and fascinating historical spots (see Plaza Murillo, Calle Jaen, San Pedro Prison, the Witches Market and more!) on what many travelers have rated the best walking tour in South America! If you want even more, check out the Full Day Private City Tour where you will also explore the cable cars and the amazing city of El Alto!

If you only have one day and want to fit everything in, this is your best choice!  City Center, El Alto, Cable Cars, Local Food and more all in one very full and fascinating day with a private Red Cap guide.  After visiting the most important and interesting points in the city center, try local dishes and drinks. Then start the journey to El Alto via the amazing cable cars, which offer some of the best views of the city and the best way to get around. 

At the top, you will visit an incredible viewpoint with the city spreading out in the valley below. We visit several spots in El Alto including the working witches’ market, where if you choose you can get your fortune read by a local Shaman.

You can never truly know a place without eating from its’ table! Here the food is where the family meets, where the day’s madness comes to a halt and life’s simple pleasures are appreciated. Warm, hearty cuisine from a warm and hearty people.

This evening tour will leave your stomach, mind and soul full! Featuring the best of Bolivian cuisine and the stories behind the plates that tell you more about the people from whom they originated than the ingredients which make them up.

This is Bolivia most important archaeological site, located only a couple of hours from the city. This archeological site is among the oldest ruins of the Andean cultures and it is very impressive with its monumental structures, carvings and architecture built with a perfection that still stumps the world’s greatest archaeological minds. This ancient site is of an historical importance which far outweighs that of sites such as Machu Picchu and for those interested in culture, history and ancient civilizations this is a must see and can be done in just half a day from La Paz.

Lake Titicaca is immense and mysterious and is one of the most popular destinations in Bolivia. This lake was revered by the Inca culture as the birthplace of not only their empire, but of mankind and Inti (the Sun God). Today, Aymara communities around the lake continue these ancient traditions and maintain the sacred sites on the lake’s shores and islands. Here visitors can enjoy the magnificent scenery, history and archeological sites, which make it easy to understand why the Incas and previous cultures considered these places holy sites.

This Eco Community Project is located in a beautiful natural sanctuary successfully preserved thanks to the philosophy of respecting nature and work with local indigenous groups. Here they have, prohibited hunting and commercial deforestation in the indigenous territory of San Jose de Uchipiamonas, around the beautiful Lake Chalalán. During your stay local indigenous guides who will share their love for adventure, nature and cultural diversity. Get in touch with nature in this pristine reserve and successful community-run project. Get off the beaten path while still enjoying the comfort of the traditionally built eco cabins.