Bolivia: The world's last great adventure

Bolivia is one of the world’s last great adventures.  With an incredible array of scenery, cultures, and destinations, from its high snowed peaks in the stunning Andes mountains, or its wild jungle scarcely touched by humans, to the magical salt flats where you’ll feel as if you could touch the sky. Bolivia is the adventure travelers dream, let us know what you’re interested in and we can set up an adventure of a lifetime!

This 50-meter descent is the new must-do in La Paz! Scale down our wall in the center of La Paz like Spiderman or a Mission Impossible stunt double, or the rush of your life – jump face first, you can face your fears and push your limits! Right in the center of the city, the views from the 17th floor are spectacular! But the view that really takes your breath away is looking down 50 meters and the busy traffic below looks like ants!

This is part of The Condoriri massif, in The Cordillera Real, the famous climbing area in Bolivia. This popular one-day trek offers you a small taste of this amazing area. And if you are planning on doing more, this trek will help you acclimatize for even higher mountains in the region. Enjoy the mountains up close, see small communities and have the chance to see wild life in the Altiplano. The Andes are simply spectacular and you must take the time to experience them!

ACTIVITY: Trekking                            HIGH: Up to 5300 m               DIFFICULTY: 2 – Basic

What better trek in the Andes than on an ancient Inca trail? This trek starts just east of La Paz in the Cordillera Real (4060 m), going down through the cloud forest to the high jungle of the lush Yungas Region. You will be following a pre-Columbian road system, a Tiwanaku path which pre dates the Incas but the Incas undoubtedly used it as well. The trek is approximately 60 km long (3 days/2 nights) and you will pass through a variety of climates, from eternal snow to flowery vegetation and forest.

ACTIVITY: Trekking                            HIGH: Up to 4060 m               DIFFICULTY: 2 – Basic

Huayna Potosi (6088m) is northeast of La Paz in the Cordillera Real and is known as one of the easiest 6000+m mountains to climb in the world. Take part in Bolivia’s most popular climb and reach new heights! The adventure starts just one hour of drive from La Paz after 3 hours of trekking, you will be at the high camp where you can acclimatize as you take in the stunning views.

Huayna Potosi can be climbed by complete beginners, and provides views the sort of Epic only the Andes can provide, of the Cordillera Real, Lake Titicaca (3810m) and the Altiplano (4000m). If you are looking for a true Andean adventure, Huayna Potosi 3 Days/2 Nights is a must do option!